Does your life feel right?


Are you energetic, joyful and connected?


Do you speak your truth, honor your needs, and pursue your dreams?


Hello! I’m Jenny. I’m so glad you’re here.

This work is for you if:

  • You feel you’ve outgrown your life.
  • You’re a self-improvement enthusiast who feels nothing has clicked well yet.
  • You have a lot of “shoulds.”
  • You’re intuitive but have a hard time making decisions.
  • You’re binging to avoid uncomfortable emotions.
  • You avoid conflict and have difficulty setting boundaries.
  • You’re mourning a loss.
  • You’re stressed or apathetic, but when asked, you’re “fine.
  • You want to connect and communicate better.
  • You suspect you somatize stress.
  • You feel you’re getting in your own way.
  • You want to escape self-pressure and perfectionism habits.
  • You want to reclaim your joy.


Learning to tap into your wisdom can change everything for you.


Coaching is a partnership where you’ll learn to identify your authentic self, question cultural assumptions, find your own answers, unleash your creativity, and create the best version of your life.

If you would like to uncover who you have always wanted to be, click here for a free consultation.

(The consultation is where we get to know each other and determine if we are a good match. I will answer your questions and will NOT make a sales pitch.)

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